The Synergy Cloud portal

synergycloud is the solution for checking and viewing energy data and status information collected by LOVATO Electric control equipment without the need to install software or have a physical server. This saves on server purchasing, configuration and maintenance costs and drastically reduces commissioning times and expenses too.

The cloud portal is extremely simple: it is self-configuring and proposes a variety of sampling scenarios which can be assigned to individual devices in the way most appropriate to the needs of the user. Discover the monitoring scenarios and compatible equipment: discover the power of energy management in 4 simple steps:

1. Register2. Configure your device3. Connect the instrument to the Internet4. Start monitoring

Accesssynergy cloud via the portal and follow the wizard.


The communication between the in- field devices and the cloud server is via interfaces/communication converters, using normal Modbus protocols.



Data security is guaranteed.



The main characteristics ofsynergy cloud are:

  • Extremely intuitive interface: no specialist technical background required
  • Data access from anywhere in the world via the Internet and common browsers
  • Specially designed to match users’ requirements (selection of measurement scenarios)
  • Low data traffic thanks to the excellent economy of the protocol used (Modbus)
  • Instantaneous data acquisition from various devices, even located in different sites
  • Simple and clear reporting of all energy data
  • No investment in software, databases or servers
  • High data security thanks to HTTPS and daily backups
  • Automatic updates included
  • Limited subscription cost.