Power factor correction and energy monitoring in a Switchboard Electrical Factory

  • Site: Jeddah – Arabia Saudita
  • Customer: Al-Badaha Company www.albadaha.com
  • Description: Al-Badaha Company for Modern Industries Ltd. (BCMI) is a Saudi-Canadian investment company incorporated in 1421A.H. – 2000A.D.The Company started as a factory for manufacturing solid surfaces only, yet it developed to own several brands in several industries, one of the most important of these brands is “Gold Stone” which is one of the most famous brands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of artificial marble.Also, Al-Badaha have their own Switchboard Electrical Factory which manufacturing different types of electrical panels such as Main Panel board, Submain Panel Board, Final Panel Board, ATS panel, Synchronising Panel, MCC and others including installation at the site.
    Al-Badaha & LOVATO Electric have partnership to sell and install energy management solution. Al-Badaha decided to start and use energy management solution in their factory. So, they prepared plan to measurements of all power analyzers and transmit all data to central server. The DMG devices are connected with RS485 and Ethernet port to operate as a gateway to connect to network of Al-Badaha via an ethernet port all the DMGs.The Synergy software is running on the central server and the admin check the energy consumptions, alarms and other parameters. The installation is also comprising Capacitor banks controlled by LOVATO Electric DCRL8 controller equipped with RS485 communication port, so that also the Power Factor Correction system is integrated into Synergy and can be supervised remotely, making sure any eventual alarm condition will be promptly reported.
    Thanks to LOVATO Electric’s Synergy system and easy to use solution for their power monitoring.
  • Product installed:
    Automatic power factor controllers DCRL8
    Multimeters DMG611R3000, DMG510, DM2TMA0400, DM1TA0600
    Interfaces and expandable devices
  • Monitoring software: LOVATO Electric SYNERGY Onsite

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