Power Continuation and monitoring solution for ARY Digital Network

  • Site: Pakistan – Karachi
  • Customer: ARY Digital Network  www.arydigitalnetwork.tv
  • Description: ARY Digital is a television network, subsidiary of ARY Group, which is a Dubai-based holding with offices in Karachi, London, and Dubai.
    ARY Digital was launched in the United Kingdom in December 2000 to cater to the growing demands of South Asian entertainment in the region.
    Within a short span of three years, the unique proposition and the content of the channel resulted in massive popularity and to enable greater expansion and broadcast into other countries.
    Recently ARY Digital has affiliated with several other television networks to promote their content in Pakistan.
    Power continuity and power and energy monitoring are critical aspects in the business operation of any broadcasting channel and therefore ARY Digital main studio and office area in the site of Karachi rely on 4 different power sources (3 Gensets and Utility).

    Since Jubilee Corporation – Authorized and sole distributor of LOVATO Electric Products in Pakistan – shares a good business history with this group, their engineering team along with the electrical engineering partner involved in the project studied the requirements and provided a power continuity solution to the Network.
    To serve the purpose, the solution adopted consists in the installation of 1 RGK900SA (synchronizing controller) on each of the three generators to synchronize each others, and 1 RGK900MC (multiples generators paralleling controller with mains) to synchronize the group of generators with the mains.
    Generators are synchronized to maintain uninterrupted power supply in case of Utility power failure.

    One of the requirements of the customer was energy saving by switching on and off Generators according to priority level and the actual power requirement. Controllers have been programmed in order to provide the power required, but also alternating the usage of the generators in order to grant an homogeneous wear of them over the years of operation.

    Energy monitoring and web-based status or control was another requirement of the customer, thus the bases for the Jubilee Corporation engineering team’s to propose to the Network the power analyzers 6 pcs of DMG610 and the integration of Power Analyzers and Syncronizing Genset Controllers into LOVATO Synergy Energy Management Software via RS485 Modbus. The solution adopted is Synergy on server with the installation of the Sofware on a local server.
    The post-commission presentation was held by the Jubilee EMS team with the technical support team of the Network after observing the benefit of online monitoring and customize reporting system.
    The Network is now looking forward to expanding the energy monitoring to other departments as well.

  • Product installed:
  • Monitoring software: LOVATO Electric SYNERGY Cloud

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