Server rooms energy consumption monitoring

  • Site: Poland – Warsav, Katowice
  • Customer: ATM S.A.
  • Description: ATM S.A. is a Polish leader in hosting services as well as broadband data transmission, offering Internet access and other advanced telecommunications services with added value under the brands of Atman and Thinx Poland.
    The company has three data centers in Poland, located in Warsaw and in Katowice.
    Data centers are located on an area of 10.600 sqm and have 42 MW of power.
    LOVATO Electric Poland has been involved in the supply of over 3.000 pcs of energy meters DMED110T1 model used for measuring the energy consumption of the servers installed.
    Continuous power availability is guaranteed by the usage of 6 pcs of automatic transfer switch contollers ATL20A240 model.
  • Products installed:
    – n. 3200 Energy meters
    – n. 9 Multimeters
    – n. 6 Automatic transfer switch controllers

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