Energy management of a food packaging company

  • Site: Itay – Ballò di Mirano (VE)
  • Customer: ATS PACKAGING S.r.l.
  • Description: ATS Packaging is one of the main producer of food packaging on the European market. The product mix is composed by different solution of  food packaging injection in PP and PS: containers, trays, dishes, buckest, lunch boxes in standard and no standard format.
    To monitor the energy consumptions of the company plant, energy meters were installed in the electric panel of energy distribution as to monitor the main consumptions. The data collected by the installation of the monitoring system, which are connected in series through the Modbus RS485 in Ethernet “islands” and run also in the company local net, are collected in the datalog and available through pages and graphs of the Synergy software installed on the local server.
  • Products installed:
    Energy meters
  • Monitoring software: LOVATO Electric SYNERGY Onsite

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