Products and Solutions for a new energy monitoring and power quality project at a bottling plant

  • Site: Northern Ireland
  • Description: LOVATO Electric was approached by Energy Facilities to supply products and solutions for a new energy monitoring and power quality project at the Coca-Cola Hellenic bottling plant in Northern Ireland.
    Local monitoring units which included LOVATO Electric components were fitted at numerous points and utilised over 30 of DMG800 with data logging modules and remote modems around the site to bring data back to a central point to monitor the installation.
    For the management of the data Synergy software was used as the platform.
    This has helped collate the data and generate bespoke reports needed for our client to evidence not only the energy savings their equipment was achieving, but also the improved power quality bringing reduced downtime and maintenance to the motors and equipment on the production lines.
  • Products installed:
    Multimeters power analyzers DMG800
  • Monitoring software:  LOVATO Electric SYNERGY Onsite
  • Other companies involved:
    Energy Facilities

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