Energy monitoring dairy plant

  • Site: Italy – Mantova (MN)
  • Description: The milk consortium Virgilio brings together 50 cheese factories in the area of Mantua and is responsible of the productions, the manufacture and the trade of the label products Virgilio: milk,  cream U.H.T., butter, bechamel, mascarpone, the DOP Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano.
    For its main site in Mantua they needed a monitoring system plant that allow to keep under control the electric consumptions by dividing them  per functional units. Together with the panel builder Tecnoimpianti Merlini,  we decided which consumptions to monitor, verifying electric schemes, wiring connections, vailable panels, etc… The result was a detailed quotation in which we consider not only the HW components but also the components and the SW functionality. 
  • Products installed:
    Power analysers
    – Current transformers
  • Monitoring software: LOVATO Electric SYNERGY Cloud
  • Other companies involved: Installer – Tecnoimpianti Merlini 

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