Energy metering consumptions of a retirement house based in Prague

  • Site: Czech Republic – Prague
  • Descrizione: EMS 3000 s.r.o. is a Czech electrical contracting company established in 2004, which has been appointed by the investor to implement an energy measuring system in a new retirement home based in Prague, Czech Republic (Retirement home Bohnice).
    105 pcs of DMED302MID energy meters featuring 3ph Direct connection up to 80A and 2 pcs DMED332MID energy meters featuring 3ph Current Transformers connection, have been used in the project to measure partial consumption in the newly built Prague retirement home.
    The private investor will also be the operator and needs to accurately bill electricity consumption to individual users of housing units.
    Therfore the entire measurement system is performed with MID approved energy meters, featuring accuracy of class B according to EN 50470-3, which is required by regulation of the European Commission and adopted by the Czech legal system by the Decree of the Ministry of Industry and Trade 82/2011.
    LOVATO Electric DMED energy meters have been considered the best option as they meet MID requirements offering the benefit of compact dimensions for current ratings up to 80A direct connected (72mm), which make them ideal for small residential switchboards.
    Since the requirement of the investor is to read also water consumption measured by M-bus communicating counters, it came natural the choice of M-bus protocol also on Lovato Energy Meters DMED302 and DMED332MID so that both Energy meters and Water Meters are networked with the same communication bus.
  • Product installed:
    – n. 105 DMED302MID
    – n. 2 DMED332MID
  • Other commanies invoved: EMS 3000 s.r.o –

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