Energy metering consumption of a hotel with spa

  • Site: Italy – Abano terme (PD)
  • Customer: HOTEL PLAZA
  • Description: Hotel Plaza located in Abano Terme offers a wide wellness area with thermal pools, SPA and aesthetic and terapeutic treatments. The monitoring system has been installed to monitor the consumptions of the main consumers of the building, through a net of contactors cabled and ethernet connected to the Gateway Data Logger that collects the measures acquired by all devices and make them available for any analysis and evaluation to the customer through the software monitoring system Synergy Cloud. Beyond the measurements of the electric consumptions, also termic consumptions were registered thanks to the energy meters MID certified, thanks to the integration of third parties devices through Modbus protocol comunication.
  • Products installed:
    MID Energy meters
    Gateway Data logger
    – Termic Energy Contactors (Third parties devices)
  • Monitoring software: LOVATO Electric SYNERGY Cloud
  • Other companies involved: Blu Technologies Srl
    Installazion service and monitoring system

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