Energy monitoring of a network of perishable goods warehouse and logistics

  • Site: Italy
  • Customer: ITALTRANS S.p.A.
  • Description: Italtrans SpA is a company leader in Warehousing, Handling e Delivery.  For its 19 logistic centres (one is Calcinate BG) mainly dedicated to the warehousing of frozen food and Grocery, a constat energy monitoring system was needed.
    In 2015 thank to the expert cooperation of the company Agie Srl from Bergamo (in charge of the design, the project, the development, the testing and the maintenance of the electric system plant) and ESCO Technical services B&G from Ghedi (BS)  the project of energy management in the logistic centre of Calcinate (165.000 m2)  has started and continued on other Italtrans Spa sites located on the Italian territory (for a total of  877.000 m2).
    Right now the system counts 100 users triphase monitored by a unique centralized Synergy system installed on a virtual company server. 
  • Products installed:
    Energy meters
    – Multimeters
    – Current transformers
  • Monitoring software: LOVATO Electric SYNERGY Onsite
  • Other companies involved: Agie Srl, Servizi Tecnici B&G

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