Solutions for power factor, energy consumption and other electrical parameters monitoring

  • Site: Kenia – Nairobi
  • Customer: Nation Centre Nairobi
  • Description: Designed and built by PDM Company between 1992 and 1997, the Nation Centre, set on Kimathi Street in the heart of Nairobi’s CBD, combines styles from around the world in a building that has become an icon and city landmark from its opening days.
    Standing 73 metres tall, the centre is a capitol of twin towers of seven floors each, rising from a main podium of ten floors, and fronted by a colonnade set above three basements for parking.
    LOVATO Electric distributor, Specialised Power Systems, has been involved in a project for the renewing of the electrical netowork of the building and provided LOVATO Electric products for the energy management of the building.
    Solution implemented consisted in the installation of 92 pcs DMG800 power analyzers, connected in RS485 network with RS485 to Ethernet gateway made by EXP1013 expansion module.
    Network is made by 8 groups of 8 to 10 DMGs per group with the last DMG of the chain equipped with both EXP1012 & 1013 for gateway purpose. The 8 groups are connected to a Cisco managed Ethernet switch which feeds data to LOVATO Electric Energy Management Software (Synergy) installed in a dedicated Server.
    The Client accesses the Synergy via a web browser in a building about 500 Meters away via MPLS.
    The end user main objective is monthly billing, but thanks to the usage of power analyzers, is also able to montior power factor, current consumption and other electrical parameters.
  • Products installed:
    – n. 92 Multimeters
    – n. 92 Interfaces
    – n. 1 Automatic transfer switch controllers
  • Monitoring software: SYNERGY LOVATO Electric

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