Factory power monitoring and audit for cost allocation

  • Site: Switzerland – Basel
  • Customer: NOVARTIS www.novartis.com
  • Description: Novartis International AG is a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company based in Basel, Switzerland, ranking number one in sales (57.9 billion US$) among the world-wide industry in 2013.
    LOVATOElectric distributor Kreuter Electric GmbH has been involved to supply 70 pcs of power analyzers equipped with memory for data storage and RS485 communication port (DMG300L01 + EXM1030 + EXM1012) for Power monitoring and Cost allocation in a factory of Novartis in Basel. The solution of LOVATO Electric has been considered the most suitable thanks to wide measuring range of DMG300L01 which is up to 830 V AC, which made the product suitable since it is used in different voltage systems in the factory.
    Furthermore the German language of the menu available on the graphic display of DMG300L01 has been appreciated by the customer.
  • Products installed:
    – n. 70 Multimeters
    – n. 70 Interfaces

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