Power continuity at Riyadh Metro using Automatic Transfer Switch Controllers

  • Site: Saudi Arabia – Riyadh
  • Customer: ARRIYADH DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY www.rda.gov.sa
  • Description: Arriyadh Development Authority, which is responsible for developing Riyadh city, has a vast project called ‘’Riyadh Metro Project’’ which consist of 132 different type of stations for passengers.
    An ATL800 LOVATO controller is installed in each main switchboard in every station with expansion modules EXP1000 & EXP1003, to cover all the required input and output points.
    The main purpose of using LOVATO automatic transfer switch controller is to have closed transition time between the two incoming sources for less than the breakers closing time, to ensure closing the controller faster than breakers.
    A further requirement was to have a controller on the door panel, capable to withstand high temperature and LOVATO already covered all these extra requirements.
  • Products installed:
    – n. 60 Automatic transfer switch controllers
    – n. 60 Interfaces

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