Power continuity of a commercial shopping center

  • Site: Russia – Izhevsk
  • Customer: OMEGA SHOPPING CENTER – trcomega.ru
  • Description:
    The OMEGA shopping and entertainment center is located in the world-famous city of Izhevsk, where the Kalashnikov assault rifle is manufactured.
    The power demand of the Omega shopping center is approximately 700kW. To reduce the costs of the purchased energy, it was decided to install 4 gas gensets (800kW total power) running in parallel with mains.  “KAMA-Energetika” is a modern enterprise designing and manufacturing gas gensets, diesel gensets and other power plants and have been selected by the end user to install and configured the entire power plant that generates electrical energy and thermal energy diverted from the exhaust gases.
    For the control of the power plant has been selected the LOVATO Electric RGK900 series synchronizing genset controller being able to control, besides the synchronizing of the system, also several parameters related to the heat recovery devices. For remote monitoring and control of the power plant, the controllers were connected to LOVATO Electric  Synergy Energy Management system (server based version).
    Thus, the functionality of the RGK900 controllers is fully used, that is, all 4 slots for expansion modules are used, the RGKRR expansion modules are connected to the CAN bus, the PLC functions and all available limits and timers are used, some virtual inputs and outputs also are used to manage the entire system
  • Product installed:
    Engine and generators controllers:
    – RGK900SA
    – RGK900MC
  • Monitoring software: LOVATO Electric SYNERGY
  • Other companies involved: Kama Energetika

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