Energy management of aluminium recycling plant

  • Site: Italy – Nogara (VR)
  • Customer: ECO GREEN S.r.l.
  • Description: Eco Green srl is specialized in the recycling and recasting of scraps and leachates of primary and secondary aluminium and its alloys. To monitor the production consumptions, the company set a net of metering devices that starts from the general consumptions (electric and natural gas) of the building for the different production lines.
    The electric consumptions are collected by energy meters while the gas consumptions through pulse concentrators. For the production lines  the consumptions data are collected  through devices installed on the power supply system of the ovens, while the other parameters (for gas and oxigen) are collected through data concentrators or Micro PLCs that read the data collected by the control unit of the oven.
    All data are regitered and monitored through the software Synergy installed on the local server, that allows a monitoring system of the plant in realtime, thanks to the possibility for the user to create cutomized schemes and thanks to the control of the consumptions of the different production stages through datalog  and report defined by the plant facility manager. 
  • Monitoring software: LOVATO Electric SYNERGY Onsite

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