Energy Monitoring of the Shopping Mall “I Giardini di Jesolo”

  • Site: Italy – Jesolo (VE)
  • Customer: Parco Commerciale “I giardini di Jesolo”
  • Description: The Shopping Mall “I Giardini di Jesolo” is located on the side of the river Sile.
    It covers a surface of 37000 mq and is composed of different areas dedicated to the shopping, to resturants and to leisure and entertainment. The particular roof garden which overview the lagoon gives the name to the mall. The monitoring system, starting from the conversion cabinet MT-BT monitors around 20 end users in the several common (parking lighting, billboards, escalators and HVAC systems…).
    One of the main features of this monitoring plant is the length of the serial net RS485 that puts in communication the enrgy meters, the devices are located in the different panels which have a significant distance one from another; this required a particular attention either in the design, in the installation phase and in the kick off by paying special attention to the all connections and to the parameters sets of the communication. another requirement was to use a connection from the area to the software Synergy Cloud, which could work indipendently from the main structure; this was possible thanks to the gateway data logger that enables to record the local data and to send them to the software in cloud through its optional modem. In this way the data are registered locally and there is no risk to loose any data, should any lack of internet connection occur.

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