Power continuity management for  container application

  • Site: Spain – Port of Barcelona
  • Description: A container semitrailer is required to transport the merchandise from the place of origin (factory, warehouse, slaughterhouse, etc.) to be exported.
    The container is loaded to the port, carrying out the respective entry procedures for the merchandise upon arrival. Once the container is in the port, it is connected to the electrical source, and when it is transported to the ship, in turn, it is also connected to its mains, however in certain moments it is not connected to any power supply and therefore the refrigereation unit is supplied by a dedicated diesel generator mounted on the semitrailer.
    As a critical element, products must have a very high level of reliability, since a failure in these generators would cause the loss of the container temperature, and as a consequence, the loss of the merchandise.
    For this reason, to maintain this standard of quality and reliability, Montfrauto has designed a genset to adapt it to the lower part of the semi-trailer for which they have adapted the chassis structure. In their manufacture, they normally mount 3 and 4 cylinder DEUTZ engines generating a power range that goes from 25KVAs to 32KVAs.
    The alternators are MECCALTE, with a special treatment, which allows it to withstand the inclement weather when traveling by road, such as rain, dust, etc. They incorporate a 90-liter fuel tank for easy refueling.
    In addition, as protection, they include a thermal magnet, curve D of 4 poles and of 40 amps.  And about the switchboard Monfrauto choses the RGK420SA mainly because of the intuitive interface of the LCD display with 5 icons in which they can clearly see the status and parameters of the engine at a distance of at least two meters, facilitating the visualization of the truck driver, so that, at a quick glance, they can see the semi-trailer generator status. In addition, on the same screen you can see various engine parameters, such as oil pressure or temperature level and fuel level, which helps to ensure optimal operation.
  • Product installed:
    – RG420SA engine and generator controllers

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