Power factor correction and energy monitoring in a building material company

  • Site: Hungary – Dorog, Pásztó, Visonta, Alsózsolca (All sites in one Synergy system)
  • Customer: Baumit KFT int.baumit.com
  • Descrizione: Baumit is one of the most reputed building material brands in Europe. The Austrian company has subsidiaries in Hungary since 1990. The largest Hungarian mine of the company is located in Dorog (Hungary) but they have other Hungarian sites at Alsózsolca, Visonta and Pásztó. They produce building materials, like wall insulation components, paints, plasters, etc.

    KRL is a long-time partner of Baumit in Hungary. KRL and Baumit started their co-operation in the field of power factor correction and KRL has been providing the maintenance service on the capacitor banks of Baumit since several years.
    In 2020 KRL started to sell to Baumit the LOVATO Electric energy meters DME series and power analyzers DMG series to monitor some of their loads. Baumit was satisfied with the service and the technical know-how of KRL and the quality and performance of LOVATO Electric products, so they decided to expand the energy management system to all of their hungarian sites located in different cities. They decided to install power analyzers to monitor all their loads over 50 kW as a new hungarian regulation specifies.

    KRL and LOVATO Electric became the main partner of Baumit in energy management. KRL performed several on-site surveys and agreed with the customer on the details of the project and the most suitable technical solution.
    The measurements of all power analyzers are monitored and stored on the central server of Baumit at Dorog using LOVATO Electric Synergy Energy Management Software. The engineering team of KRL implemented the system in 4 sites, all transmitting data to the central server. The DMG600 and 610 instruments are connected with RS485 and the last instrument of the RS485 network is a DMG800 power analyzer equipped with both RS485 and Ethernet port to operate as a gateway to connect to network of Baumit via an ethernet port all the DMGs.

    The Synergy software is running on the central server and the users check the energy consumptions, alarms and other parameters (e.g. temperature sensors which are measured using analog inputs of DMG800 power analyzers). The installation is also comprising Capacitor banks controlled by LOVATO Electric DCRL8 controller equipped with RS485 communication port, so that also the Power Factor Correction system is integrated into Synergy and can be supervised remotely, making sure any eventual alarm condition will be promptly reported.
    Thanks to LOVATO Electric’s Synergy system KRL could provide to Baumit a very modern and easy to use solution for their power monitoring.

  • Product installed:
    – Power factor controllers DCRL8
    – Multimeters DMG610 and DMG800
    Interfaces and expandable devices
  • Monitoring software: LOVATO Electric SYNERGY Cloud

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