Dynamic Power Factor Correction (PFC) of a rollear coaste

  • Site: United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi
  • Customer: FERRARI WORLD ABU DHABI www.ferrariworldabudhabi.com
  • Description: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the largest indoor and first Ferrari theme park; it is located on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE and is equipped with over 20 attractions.
    NP Power Solutions in UK is a customer of LOVATO Electric that manufactures, services, repairs or modifyes power factor correction equipment.  Project described below consisted in supplying to NP Power Solutions the components necessary to manufacture 2 pcs  800kVAr detuned dynamically switched PFC units composed from 16 steps of 50kVAr and 1 pc  700kVAr Detuned Dynamically Switched PFC Unit 14 steps of 50kVAr each.
    Components supplied by LOVATO  Electric were:  6 pcs DCRG8 power factor controller, 12 pcs EXP1001 static output module to control thyristor modules, 6 pcs EXP1012 RS485 expansion module to perform master-slave connection of the controllers,  46 pcs DCTM3400100 100kvar thyristor modules.
    The panels have been manufactured and consequently installed in Ferrariworld theme park to perform dynamic PFC compensation of a rollear coaster installed in the park.
    LOVATO  Electric solution has been considered the most ideal thanks to the master-slave function of DCRG8 power factor controllers:  when the power factor control system is divided in more than one panel (like in this application), master-slave function performs the connection among all the DCRG8 controllers installed via RS485.
    The DCRG8 “master” reads the cosφ value and switches its own outputs and the ones of the DCRG8 “slaves” to control the reactive load.
    The slaves wait for commands from the master to activate or deactivate the outputs.
    All the monitoring functions for the capacitor banks are local to each single panel, while the cosφ reading is handled by the master panel where the mains input is and so has the coordination role on power factor correction of the entire system.
  • Products installed:
    – n. 6 Automatic power factor controllers
    – n. 2 Interfaces
    – n. 46 Thyristor modules

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