Supervision and energy management

synergycollects production and consumption data for energy supplies such as electricity, water, gas and air, using hardware measurement equipment which monitors the main parameters and communicates with the management software.
This constitutes an integrated system for identifying key indicators (energy performance indicators, EnPIs), abnormal consumption trends and targets. They can also compare performance levels and perform other functions.

synergyverifies the electrical data and checks all environmental and process information (operating status, alarms) acquired from LOVATO Electric products, equipped with communications port, as well as executing commands and configurations.


  • Communication with all Lovato Electric measurement and control products, via serial, Ethernet or modem ports
  • Consultation of instantaneous values
  • Creation of custom graphic pages
  • Data saving in log files
  • Energy consumption reports
  • Graphic display of trends
  • Automatic reports for consumption periods (e.g. time bands) in analytical and graphic format
  • Alarm management, local and via e-mail
  • Energy quality analysis
  • Field equipment parameterisation
  • Access level management
Consultazione valori istantanei
of instantaneous
Creazione pagine grafi che personalizzate
Creation of
graphic pages
Data logger
Data logs
Consuntivazione energetica personalizzata
consumption reports
Trend grafico
Trend charts
Report automatici per periodi di consumo
Automatic reports for
consumption periods
Gestione allarmi
of alarms
Analisi qualità energia
Energy quality
Gestione dei livelli di accesso
Access level
Parametrizzazione apparecchi di campo
of field equipment