Synergy Onsite

The structure and applications of synergy are based on an a MS SQL relational database system.
synergycan be consulted through most popular browsers, and it is compatible with various platforms and operating systems.
These characteristics make synergy extremely versatile and really easy to be used by a large number of users/workstations via intranets, VPNs or Internet.

System requirements

Supported operating systems

  • Windows 7, Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 10 Pro, Windows Server 2008R2 std, Windows Server 2012(R2) std.
  • 32bit or 64bit. Server systems must have framework .NET 3.5 active.
  • Before proceeding with installation, operating System must be updated to the latest official release of Microsoft
  • Note: according to the system configuration, in order to perform a correct installation of the software, the setup might require the access to internet and to Windows Update

Supported browsers

  • MS IExplorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox (latest versions of the browsers are highly recommended).

PC/Server hardware requirements

  • CPU dual core, 2GHz
  • RAM 4GB
  • Hard disk 60GB (disk size depends on the volume of data to be stored)
  • SVGA 1024×768, colore 16bit
  • RJ45 LAN ethernet card
  • Communication ports of an adequate type and number: Ethernet, RS485 serial, RS232 serial or modem.

N.B.: synergy-2 is an application based on services (SQL and web), therefore it is not recommended the usage of laptops due to limited hardware and software performances
For further information about the hardware requirements please refer to in the section dedicated to the software

You can getsynergy by simply ordering the installation software (which also includes the license on one LOVATO Electric device) and the additional licences you may need, according to the number of devices that you wish to monitor.
Additional licences can also be added further. In this way the monitored system can be expanded through time, satisfying both ongoing and future needs.

Order code Description Details Ordering method
SYN1 SET Energy Management and Supervision software Installation on PC set as a server and equipped with Windows Operating System. Setting, measuring, monitoring and remote control via web with notification sending via e-mail and FTP. It includes the licence to supervise 1 LOVATO Electric product Permanent licence
SYN1 SLL Licence for nr. 1 LOVATO Electric product Enabling of the remote supervision for 1 LOVATO Electric product equipped with communication port MODBUS-RTU Permanent licence for each product connected
SNY1 SLX Licence nr. 1 Third Party product Enabling of the remote supervision for 1 Third Party product equipped with communication port MODBUS-RTU Permanent licence for each product connected
SYN1 SDLWS Licence accessing to the database of SYNERGY Enabling the access via WEB API to the MS SQL database of Synergy from Third Party Softwares Permanent licence
SNY1 SLM Licence for receiving upgrades for SYNERGY Enabling the upgrades for SYNERGY (e.g. compatibility with new Operating Systems, new functions and improvements) Yearly licence for each product connected