SYNERGY Cloud is a subscription service that allows the supervision and control of systems via LOVATO Electric Cloud server accessible from any computer or mobile device through the most common web browsers. The functions of the SYNERGY Cloud software are the same as those made available with the local installation of the SYNERGY software but without the need to install any software and without the need of a dedicated server at company premises.
The costs of purchase, configuration and maintenance of the hardware and software necessary for energy monitoring are saved.
The devices in the field send the monitored data to the gateway data logger (EXCGLA01) device which collects and represents them at the integrated web server


The security of the data is guaranteed by HTTPS encryption with certificate between server and client computer, by daily backup of the data collected and by state-of-the-art firewall for server access.


  • Remote viewing of instantaneous data, alarms upon their communication via e-mail, execution of commands thanks to MQTT technology
  • Data archive sent to it by the gateway data logger, allowing them to be historicized, reprocessed and graphically represented
  • Extremely intuitive interface: no particular technical background required
  • Simple and clear reporting of all energy data
  • Data access from all over the world thanks to the Internet and common browsers
  • Instantaneous data acquisition from various devices that can even be located in different sites
  • No investment in software database or server
  • Automatic updates included
  • Low cost subscription.
Order code Description
Annual licences (365days)
Remote view of instantaneous data (creation of alarms and relevant e-mail sending and remote commands) of  SYNERGY Cloud, nr. 1 LOVATO Electric device
Monitoring all complete functions of SYNERGY Cloud, nr. 1 LOVATO Electric device
SNY2CLX Monitoring all complete functions of SYNERGY Cloud, nr. 1 THIRD PARTY device
SYN2CDLWS Free access functions to data by WEB API to SYNERGY Cloud