Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, U.K – Energy Management Project

  • Site: United Kingdom – Royal Wolverhampton
  • Customer: Royal Wolverhampton NHS (New Cross Heart and Lung) Trust, U.K
  • Description:  With nearly 1000 beds and 10,000 staff across three sites, Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust is one of the largest hospitals and providers of acute care in the UK. From an initial enquiry to advise on replacement of a third-party power factor controller for the critical Heart & Lung Centre, the hospital has now invested in LOVATO Electric Synergy Energy Management for the entirety of the hospital complex.
    As LOVATO power factor controllers had already proved reliable in service elsewhere within the hospital, we were contacted to advise on replacement of the existing power factor controller to a LOVATO controller. However, it was clear that for such a critical application the old contactors and capacitors also required renewing. The new system now comprises 12 x DCTL dynamic thyristor modules, controlled by 2 x DCRG8F controllers. The arrangement offers fast and silent operation of the capacitors.
    The success of this project has led to the implementation of the LOVATO Electric Synergy Energy Management software platform to manage all energy performance over the entire site. With multiple combinations of DMG900 and DMG610 meters and to date nearly 200 Synergy licence points. This project has seen successful integration of not only LOVATO devices but also many existing third- party devices for gas and water.
    We are proud to be selected as the Energy Management partner to help maintain a healthy and efficient electricity supply to one of the U.K.’s largest hospital authorities.
    Main contractor for PFC on Heart and Lung Centre was Ex Ellison Ltd of Walsall.
  • Product installed:
    – n. 2 Controllers for dynamic power factor correctiono  DCRG8
    – n. 12 Thrystor modules DCTL
    – n. 200 Multimeters (DMG900 e DMG610)
  • Monitoring software: LOVATO Electric SYNERGY Onsite
  • Other companies involved:
    Ex Ellison Ltd of Walsall

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